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In the endless summer of Santa Barbara, California, stands a historic mansion in the shade of giant acacias and live oaks. The Peppers Estate is an 11,000-square-foot, nine-bedroom, 10-bath grand estate standing on 1.6 garden acres in the heart of the community of Montecito.



The 3,000-square-foot ballroom was added in 1914 from designs by architect Julia Morgan, of Hearst Castle fame. In this room on March 9, 1917, Martha Graham debuted at the age of 21, and it is from this room that she went on to define the modern dance movement for the 20th Century.

Composer and politician Ignacy Pedarewski preformed in the ballroom in 1920, while president of Poland. He played well past his chosen play list, enchanted with the perfect acoustics of the new room.


 The Peppers Estate is an upgrade Independent Retirement Home in Montecito. The premium rooms and services of the Peppers are an excellent choice when direct personal care and the costs and higher services of Assisted Living are not needed (at the bottom of the page is a questionnaire to help determine what can be appropriate and not for a renter at the Peppers).

At the Peppers there is the perfect mix of the basics. Beautiful rooms, most with private baths. Complimentary meals are served and snacks are accessibly stocked for all. Activities, gathering in the Country Club, in the Garden and Movie rooms and a reassuring community feel is present with the live-in staff who come to know the guests like family.

Services include:
A private or shared room
bi-weekly room cleaning and weekly laundry
a stocked kitchen for self service or prepared meals

No medical or direct assistance with care needs such as medications are available with the basic services. However help can be arranged on your own, including  inexpensive arrangements with referral caregivers we can direct you.

Shared rooms can start at $1900/mo. and wonderful privates at $2600-2900/mo. All renting is per month and our minimum rental is for one month. If you need a room for less than one month, some concession can be made for using less of the services. But the room will be yours for the month.

Please call now for current rates and to discuss for free the details of your inquiry  805-451-2222


The Peppers use to be Assisted Living. What's the difference?

Lets use a couple of questions to help see the difference first hand.

Does the renter need any help with mobility; getting up, walking, knowing where they are going and/or worries about walking off and not knowing how to come back?

That is Assisted Living only. The Peppers does not help with or take control of a renters ability to get up, go out in to the world and find their way back.

Does the renter need help in showering and remembering to take their medications?

The Peppers also does not help with these needs, however you can have someone come in, even up to a daily basis, to help with things like remembering their meds or to help shower a few times each week. There are agencies that help with this. We also have a live-in caregiver who can inexpensively help with medication reminders each day, whom you can contract with directly.

Does the Peppers have an activity director? The weekends have a session for helping renters identify and access activities of their choice. We have many in house activities at our Peppers Country Club and Santa Barbara is rich with senior activities of all kinds. Please see the next page for details.




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