The Peppers Estate Independent and Retirement home

The Peppers Schedule and General Plan

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 The Peppers uses the following schedule:


Meals are available complimentary to all living at the Peppers, to all housemates whether they be renters or worker residents. There are no charges for meals and there may be limits as well with special requests. If sodium or vegetarian is important for example, please ask and we will help where we can, especially with simple eliminations and substitutions.

Breakfast from 8 to 10am

Daily Movie in the main Living Room

Lunch 12 to 1:30

Peppers Country Club and various activities on and off site

Dinner 5 to 6:30

Evening TV with Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune

Meals brought to the dining room or in the private rooms are fine. After dinner a final visit to each room is done to collect any dishes from the day, and this constitutes the final room check for the end of the day.

Sunday has a regular breakfast and then a staged lunch and dinner, Which may be sandwiches or pizza, etc. So Sunday is our less formal day of the week.


All rooms are checked between 10 and 10:30am, and the renters are spoken with and encouraged to participate in the day, starting immediately with that days movie selection. Help with directing or encouraging activities is added to promote spending more time out of the room.

Each weekend a worker will work with renters to see about their preferences for activities for the week ahead and/or ongoing. Arranging to get a bus pass, rides to church from their denomination, help joining the Y, ordering materials for crafts, etc., these ideas and many more will be sorted through to help keep renters busy and happy.


Rooms are cleaned twice weekly, once deeply and again as touchup, to help keep the house clean and tidy.

Beds are changed and laundry is done every weekend.

For renters who need extra help dressing, bathing or remembering medications, outside help may be the answer. Home Health agencies can freely come and go at the Peppers.

There is also an on site caregiver who can be hired at very low costs to help with care duties that sometimes only take a couple of minutes to preform. A special safe is provided in each room for the storing of medications. There is also a call system for any critical needs which can be used anytime after hours, which will alert the onsite workers/housemates. Family members and/or emergency services can then be called if needed.