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 We have all the necessary items needed for your liquid diet. The blender, strainers and spout cups are provided for patients post-operative use. Bring your personal comforts if you wish such as a favorite pillow, picture and comfy clothes. We will map out where there are stores for you to pick up your liquids for your stay in Santa Barbara after you arrive and settle in.

Your first 2 weeks of particle free liquids can be easy if you try some protein drinks and other drinks you are unfamiliar with ahead of time to help choose some favorites. Its best not to have to experiment after surgery with taste testing. A 2 week supply of particle free drinks can be easy to get in Santa Barbara if you know what you’re shopping for in advance. “7-Up” is a very good idea for use as an anti-nausea drink.

Take care of your self extra specially 3 weeks before surgery.

Get plenty of sleep, wholesome foods and drinks. Stay away from people who are ill and wash your hands well before eating to avoid getting sick before surgery. A cold or cold sores around the mouth are reasons to cancel jaw surgery.

You can expect emotions and moods may be affected by some of the post-operative medications and recovery circumstances. We are here to help you through possible stressful interactions between family members. We prefer that you rely on us to orchestrate the protocol of calming down irritated patients rather than letting it potentially escalate on your own. We’ve had much experience with circumstances such as these and great success with implementing our calming protocol. Families may want to employ our combination rate in certain situations. This is described in the Admission Form.

The Peppers Estate is operated in an open family manner. The property owner and administrator, David Sullins, lives on the property as does his full time staff, Ray ( driver extraordinaire ) and Nida (care provider extraordinaire).

Some patients/families prefer more privacy. Please inquire about our private apartment availability. This furnished 2 bedroom suite has a private kitchen, bath and living room, yet opens to the main house so we can still ‘back you up’ with services and care giving. Patients/companions are encouraged to freely visit throughout the house. Meeting in the kitchen in robes is not uncommon. If this environment may not be comfortable for either you or your companion, and the private apartment is not available, you might consider a Motel stay instead, which has even more privacy and control that some seek.

The mansion is furnished for adults. There are no provisions for children to entertain them or ensure their safety. Please do not bring children to the Peppers Estate as day guests either, as there are other recovering patients and our seniors in this family style atmosphere, who require a calm and quiet atmosphere. Thank you for understanding.

We look forward to helping you through your recovery in your “Home away from home”.

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